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Is it wrong to be strong?

Holidayssssssssshit. Bodo aaaa, nak gile dok rumah. Dlm longkang lg best..

I wanna do this ! :P

Quizzy Queen

What Do Others See in You

People think your a bully.

You don't see yourself as a bully, but with all the stealing and fighting, you look like one. You probably think it's all fun and games, even when they're on the groung crying and bleeding (hahaha). Be nicer, don't fight! (okayyy)

What will you get in life

A lot of love

You only get back what you give, and you give a lot. In return, you will recieve a lot of support from your family and friends. Your charismatic personality will not only make people feel comfortable around you, you will also be able to know pure happiness. You will be remembered and have a great impact in your world.

Hari Rayyaa

puasa setel, raya ! tahun ni raye kureng laaa. PMR punye pasal, takde semangat nak raye. duit raya pun kureng, ziarah pun kureng, mercun kureng, semuanye kureng !

ape yg best?
amek gambar byk2, hahaaha.
post ni sikit jeaa,sekadar nak update.dah lame tak update.busyy ooh. 2 minggu lagi PMR. soo, wish me luck. alrite, thx fer reading ! selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

( lutfi,syauqi,nabil )

Laugher-pedia !

Can you believe?


Rock Version !

What the the ?

The Fray - Never Say Never.

bile dgr lagu ni, jantung aaku dok diam je wohh. Lirik touching habess, leleh je dengar. :D
fray ni mmg aku minat sejak kecik lagi, (cewahhh) lagu ni pon baru je femes. lagu ni reminds me of ,,, ape2 lah. :P

cube try test tengok lagu nihh

Never Say Never

A little bit of Nabil's life